Our Student activities are currently postponed until Wednesday, September 23. If
you need help or have questions, please contact Jeff Clegg:

Summer Camp I Panama City I 2020

Middle school and high school are exciting times in a young person’s life where they develop their own genuine relationship with Jesus. And they discover who they are in Him. Our goal is to provide avenues for our students to discover who Jesus is and to show them how to live out their faith. Have questions? Contact Jeff Clegg.
Weekly Ministry Opportunities:


Wednesday Night Bible Study 

We believe that students gathering to worship together is important. Our Wednesday night services offer a great opportunity for students to come and worship together. We strive to provide a powerful environment and experience through students hanging out together, games, worship, and studying the Word that allows students to come to Christ in worship.

Gathering Time: 6p upstairsin the Youth Room


Sunday Morning Bible Study

We believe spiritual growth is important. For that reason, we challenge every student to experience Christ through the Word of God.  Our Sunday Morning Student Bible Study is grade and gender divided.  Our Bible Study leaders love students and teach the Word of God through the Explore the Bible series.

Bible Study Time:  9:15a upstairs in and around the Youth Room. Corporate worship at 10:30a after September 23.


Zach Clegg

  • Graduating from Social Circle High School
  • Attending University of North Georgia Oconee Campus
  • Transfer to UGA to get a degree in Sports Management
  • Favorite Scripture is Philippians 4:13
  • Video here! IMG_0056

Elizabeth Carter

  • Graduating from George Walton High School
  • Attending Piedmont College at Demerest
  • Degree in Art Therapy
  • Favorite Scripture is Matt. 6:34
  • Video here! IMG_0054

Sarah Jenovese

  • Graduating from Faith Academy 
  • Attending Truett McConnell
  • Majoring in Music with a concentration in Business
  • Favorite verse: Isaiah 54:10
  • Video here!IMG_0055         

James Connelly

  • Graduating from Social Circle High School
  • Joining the Workforce
  • Favorite Scripture is Philippians 4:13
  • Video here! Connelly

Caleb Crowe

  • Graduating from Alcovy High School
  • Attending Technical school
  • Degree in Machinist
  • Favorite Scripture is Job 8:21
  • Video here! IMG_0059

Jade Webb

  • Graduating from Homeschool High School
  • Seeking a degree in Animation
  • Favorite Scripture is Col. 3:23
  • Video here!